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Good Boss vs Bad Boss: Townhall Tells It All

Most of us like to think we’re pretty good bosses. But what are some of the defining factors that determine a good boss vs bad boss? Getting honest feedback on your leadership abilities from employees can be hard. Remember when you were a lower level employee? How likely were you to give your boss bad feedback when asked? Most employees fear the repercussions of giving their bosses poor feedback. They’re more likely to tell you what they think you want to hear. But what if it could all be done anonymously? How would that change the honesty level of your employees? On the good boss vs bad boss scale, your employee’s opinion is of the utmost importance. That’s why you need Townhall. Now let’s take a look at some good boss vs bad boss performance factors. Have You Clearly Defined the Strategy and Vision of Your Organization? This goes way beyond shooting off a PowerPoint presentation with some words and images about mission, vision, and values. Defining your strategy requires you to work closely with your team to build objectives and initiatives your group will accomplish together. But getting honest feedback and ideas can be hard unless it’s done anonymously. Some employees just don’t speak up. When you create a high level of participation from employees both in person and anonymously, they are much more committed to the overall success of the team. Getting Employees to Understand the Role They Play in the Organization’s Overall Success A good boss works with each employee to help them understand the specific role they play within the team. A bad boss assumes their employees already know based upon their job title. That one major difference between a good boss vs bad boss. Believe it or not, according to Robert Half Management, a full 53% of employees cannot make a connection between their job functions and how they contribute to the success or failure of the company. That’s scary stuff. How do you think your employees would answer this question? A great way to find out is by conducting an anonymous Townhall Q&A session. You’ll learn a lot and can tailor your new strategy based on the results. Good Boss vs Bad Boss: One Meets with Each Employee Regularly, One Doesn’t How often do you meet individually with each of your employees for discussions on progress? If you want to be a great boss you need to excel at coaching, teaching and mentoring. This goes way beyond a one-per-year performance review which a lot of employees dread. It means conducting regular (even weekly) one-on-one sessions where you provide feedback and take in ideas from each employee throughout the year. When they’ve done something great, let them know. When you need to have a tough conversation, don’t be afraid. Townhall can help you understand your employees’ expectations on this. You may be surprised at the additional feedback from you they’re looking for. Townhall Can Help Turn a Bad Boss into a Good Boss No boss wants to think of themselves as a bad boss. But without honest, anonymous feedback from your team, how do you know for sure where you stand? Run your first Townhall session right now and start finding out what they think. The future performance of your team will be worth it!