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Are Happy People at Work Really More Productive?

Happy people at work are12-20% more productivethan their unhappy counterparts. It’s in your best interest as a supervisor to ensure your employees are fulfilled. A happy work culture decreasescostly turnoversand contributes to larger profits. Additionally, it will keep your best minds motivated and helpavoid employee burnout.Keep reading to learn why employee happiness is important to company profits.Why Does Happiness Matter?Employee happinesssignificantly improves productivity. Happy people are more cooperative and build stronger relationships with their coworkers. It takes less time to train happy people as well. Fulfilled employees have more energy, are more focused, and learn more quickly than their unfulfilled counterparts. Happiness also improves brain function and creativity. Happy people at work come up with creative, cooperative solutions and are excited to implement them. Happy people are also less stressed and healthier — meaning less sick days!Unhappiness is Costing Your CompanyMost adults do not enjoy their jobs. According to Gallup, only13% of employeesare engaged at work. A lack of employee engagement is costing you money. Every year, US companies lose an estimated450-550 billion dollarsto unproductive employees. Improving employee happiness is vital to retention, productivity, and overall company success.5 Ways to Improve Employee HappinessNegative emotions detrimentally impact productivity at work. And major stresses, like divorce or death, can affect productivity for up to two years. Supervisors must do their best to decrease negative interactions and emotions in the workplace. They should also help employees build the skills they need to be resilient to negative situations when they arise. Continue reading for 5 ways to improve employee happiness and resilience.MeditateEncourage your employees to take regular meditation breaks toboost productivity. Meditation decreases stress and helps with focus, making it easier for your employees to tackle hard tasks.Build Meaningful RelationshipsMeaningful employee relationshipsboost morale and help contribute to a happy work culture. Teams that have meaningful relationships with one another are more productive and better at overcoming obstacles.Digital DetoxConstant digital communication causesstress and burnoutfor employees. Encourage employees tocompletely unplug after hours — you can even go so far as to turn off your company’s email when your offices are closed.ExerciseExercise reduces stress and energizes your employees. Consider implementing a fitness program or building an employee gym at your office to improve productivity.GratitudePracticing gratitudemakes people happier. Encourage employees to practice gratitude daily. You can host workshops to help teach employees gratitude exercises.Happy People at Work Are More ProductiveCreating a happy work environment is crucial to your business’s success. Improve employee happiness today! It can be overwhelming to overhaul a company’s culture — start with small changes. Workshops and seminars are a great way to introduce new company practices, such as meditation and mindfulness. Transparency is important when you are making major changes. Communicate with your employees about the goals of your new initiatives, and ask for honest feedback. Focus on building a happier work environment and increase productivity today!

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