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Hayes Drumwright to Keynote at Evolve

Here at POPin, we talk a lot about the critical conversations that need to happen in order for your business to succeed. In order for these conversations to be effective, they can’t be focused on what the leader wants. Dialogues need to incorporate open feedback with teams in order to make your employees feel involved and bought in on the ideas that come up in said conversations. Hayes Drumwright will discuss how critical these conversations are to the success of your company. He’ll address the kind of conversations you need to have, and how to make them safe and actionable in order to make your employees feel like they can tell you the truth without repercussion. Specifically, he will talk about:
  • Revolutionary ways to have actionable conversations within your company
  • How to help management and employees communicate effectively
  • Targeted questions to help you crowdsource answers to your hardest questions
  • Ways to drive engagement in your company
  Stay tuned for a recorded video of Hayes’ presentation from Evolve.