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Holiday Wish List – What Your Employees Really Want

It’s hard to believe we’re so close to the 2015 finish line. The holidays are in full swing, folks. There are only a couple short weeks of holiday shopping left. And no doubt you’re on gingerbread latte overload (or candy cane martinis, take your pick), have pine needles in your lunch and watched “Rudolph’s Shiny New Year” half a dozen times already. But don’t get us wrong – there are no Scrooges at Pop (though, really, how many times can we hear Michael Buble sing “Let it Snow”). In fact, we’re THIS close to finishing up our holiday shopping. It was a breeze, too. Easy peasy. A bit jealous perhaps? Well, don’t be. Giving gifts to employees doesn’t have to be so hard. (And for the record, presents only flow downward, not upward.) So what to buy? What do your employees really want? Well, money. Yes, cold hard cash in the form of a raise or a bonus. Don’t believe us? Glassdoor’s new survey out on employees’ wishes.

— 73 percent are hoping for a cash bonus.

— 60 percent want a pay raise.

— 36 percent want time off that doesn’t count against their official vacation days

— 13 percent want to work from home in 2016.

What do your employees not want? Turns out it’s the annual holiday party — only 5 percent of your employees are actually hoping for this traditional activity. So, yes, people like money. Money So why not give them what they want? If you want staff loyalty, this can help. Remember, they are your internal customers. Cash in the form of an unexpected pay rise works magic too. Extra time off Next in line are extra days off. If you really want to surprise your team, gift them an unexpected few days off. Close the office for longer this Christmas, or use a rotation of skeleton staff. Working from home If January is a slower month and you know it’s possible for your team to work from home, let them. This flexibility in home/work arrangements can add more celebration to your employees’ Christmas than anything else you could gift them. Gift cards Gift cards are the way to give money that still feels like a present. People enjoy the freedom of choosing how they spend this money bonus. There’s also such a variety of things you can get gift cards for – from restaurants to the cinema to department stores. This variety and the flexibility of a gift certificate mean you’ll be more likely to please the diverse tastes of your staff.