How POPin Works

Don’t just try for engagement - achieve true alignment

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Harness the Power of Crowdsourcing

Uncover the truth within your organization

Leverage the power of your entire organization by safely uncovering the voice of your employees for the sake of building trust, providing clarity and developing buy in.

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POPin Platform

Anonymous crowdsourcing leveraged for alignment

POPin allows leaders (creators) to solicit honest feedback from their teams by asking them to participate in an anonymous, single focused question. Participants are able to respond to questions and interact with each other’s answers with votes and comments.

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Visualization and Administration

Lightweight, comprehensive controls and reports

Get a full view of your or your organizations’ POPin usage with our easy administrative controls and reports.

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Easy integration with tools you use every day

POPin integrates with a variety of platforms to make achieving engagement and alignment even easier.

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