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POPin Blog

How Organizational Alignment Can Mitigate Problem Areas for Leaders

There are roughly 660,000 e-commerce businesses making money online today. Those only represent a small portion of the larger amount of businesses (including brick-and-motor) that exist in the world. Why is that information relevant? Because competition in business today is fierce. And with the increased sophistication of networking technology, it’s primed to get even more cut-throat. To get ahead in today’s business environment, our team at POPin is a huge proponent of using organizational alignment. Organizational alignment is the process in which a company ensures all aspects of their business, from management to structure, get optimized to achieve their core mission. Through organizational alignment, companies can achieve higher levels of productivity. They can do this with fewer wasted resources. It also reduces the amount of pressure put on leaders to manage a company’s problem areas. Here is a list of 3 ways organizational alignment can benefit your business.

1) Alignment Gives Employees a Clear Picture of Their Role, Boosting Productivity and Reducing Turnover

Turnover in employees can be one of the most costly challenges business leaders struggle with. When margins are tight, having a workforce that’s likely to stick around can be a big deal. Alignment helps define the roles of employees more stringently. This leads to less confusion about who should be doing what and puts less stress put on employees when tasks are assigned. Furthermore, alignment gives employees a clear picture of how it is their role adds to the company mission. Employees who understand how their work matters are less likely to become dissatisfied. They are then easier for business leaders to retain.

2) Decision Making Is Easier

Company leaders are often victims of needing to weigh in on every micro decision made within an organization. This causes a couple of problems, the first being that it eats away at a leader’s time. The second issue is that it halts other’s work since they need to wait for decisions to come down. With alignment, each department has a leader who manages their jurisdiction. When decisions need to be made within that jurisdiction, they are the ones to make them. They then report a top-line overview of what was decided to company leaders at a later time. This speeds up the decision-making process significantly and frees leaders up to only manage top level issues.

3) Your Company Will Generate Better Products and Services

Alignment makes people accountable. It gives specific tasks to departments and employees and tells them that they own them. That makes it so people have skin is in the game and when people have skin in the game, they give their best effort. As a leader, knowing that you’re getting the best out of everyone on your team means less wasted resources. It also means that any problem areas in your workflows can be easily linked back to the source and fixed.

Wrapping Up Organizational Alignment Benefits

Business owners need every advantage they can get to provide the best products and services to their customers at the best possible cost. Aligning your organization can give your team the structure they need. It lets them streamline processes and master their respective roles. Our team at POPin is made up of innovators, technologists and growth hackers. We specialize in providing companies with modern solutions to get the most out of the business. If you’d like to know more about how POPin can maximize your prepossesses, check out our alignment tools for free today.