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POPin Blog

How to Grow People Who Will Help Your Business Survive

Employee retention is a universal struggle among industries. In fact, around 3 million Americans quit their job every month. Whether you’re a small start-up or corporate empire, flight-risk employees hurt business. Since business survival is dependent on the talent and longevity of your employees, it’s crucial to build a team that’s both talented and dedicated. Before you hire just anyone or cut people from the staff, check out these helpful strategies to ensure that you’re building a team that will go the distance.

Refine Your Hiring Process

To ensure business survival, the hiring process needs to be streamlined to ensure that only the best and brightest make the cut. How is your business currently finding employees? Is your HR department sifting through applications on Indeed or looking through LinkedIn? If you’re having trouble  finding talented employees, it’s time to reestablish your hiring process. Hiring great people begins with a comprehensive position description, a great vetting system, and established interview process. Many businesses, especially startups, make the mistake of anticipating a great employee from the beginning but unfortunately, not everyone is going to be a gem. In fact, most of them won’t be the right fit. Weed out the unreliable by  asking the right questions and looking for well-thought, creative answers. A few of these questions include:
  • What’s your greatest accomplishment?
  • What is our mission statement?
  • What are three things that you would do if you were hired for this position?
  • Give an example of a time where you resolved a conflict.
Asking the right questions will lead to introspective answers.

Think of Quality

It’s difficult not to be swayed by the low-cost potential of recent graduates and fresh-faced interns, but not at the sake of quality. When you pay inexperienced people, you get results that match their experience. That’s not to say you shouldn’t hire a recent grad or find an excited intern. Where most businesses lose sight is focusing on the cost of hiring someone, rather than the quality they will receive.

Invest in Your Employees

The best way to ensure business survival is to have employees that are in it for the long haul. How can you ensure that your team is dedicated? Ask them! Build trust with your employees and keep an open line of honest, regular conversation. It’s better to have an employee voice their concerns, rather than show up one morning with a two-week notice sitting on your desk. Invest in your employees and their careers. Engage them in the future of the business by asking them their thoughts and suggestions. Creating an environment where employees can thrive will build a happy, productive team. Happy employees also outperform competitors by 20 percent, so it pays to invest!

Hit Your Goals and Guarantee Business Survival

Align your team, hit business goals, and reach new heights with the POPin Platform. POPin is a comprehensive business tool that puts meetings, business management and organization, and helpful surveys all in one place! POPin helps your entire team stay aligned regardless of department. Try it for free  and discover how this all-in-one platform helps your business increase productivity, stay on track, and hit your sales goals.