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How to Prepare for the Millennials in your Company

Beyond ‘man-buns,’ flannel and selfies To everything, there is a season and that season is now. Nope, we’re not talking about the holiday season (at least not yet). But we’re talking about the millennial workforce. And if you don’t know it by now, the first wave of this creative, tech-savvy, flex-schedule-loving generation has already hit the workforce, and it’s just going to keep coming.   So, dear baby boomer and GenXer, make room at the table. Because guess what? By 2030, Millennials will comprise a whopping 75 percent of the workforce. So we think it’ll be the smart business leaders who think about how they can leverage that “new” generation to infuse their companies with fresh workers and new ideas. But need some how-to’s?
  1. Understand the Millennials “There’s new research out about what this generation wants in the workplace–and it has nothing to do with unlimited vacation or beer in the break room,” so says a study by Inc. “Millennials are also inquisitive, capable, and entrepreneurial. More importantly, they’ve experienced rapid technological change throughout their lives. Just think about how the capabilities of mobile phones have evolved over the past 20 years. Constant iteration is normal for this generation, making Millennials uniquely adept at embracing change, rolling with the popular startup pivot, and adapting to new ideas and strategies.” New ideas and strategies? Rolling with change? Pushing the envelope? We’re excited already.
  1. Develop a strong corporate culture. The other side being adaptable, flexible and super inquisitive is that the M generation won’t necessarily sit still or cope with boredom for long. Latest studies show that the average Millennial has worked more than six jobs by age 25. If they aren’t comfortable they’ll happily move on. So what’s an employer to do? Well, it’s not about bending the organization to suit the M generation, but it is more about helping them feel appreciated by building a strong and supportive corporate culture. Specifically, think about continuing education, sponsor happy-hour outings and employee appreciation events. These things matter to the M’s. When you create a culture that makes employees want to come back every day, you can reduce expensive and disruptive turnover.
  1. Give Millennials a way to add value. Millennials want to make an impact, regardless of the job’s scope. So take advantage of it! Encourage and nurture it. Try and welcome even your youngest contributors. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that employees need to “put in their time” before they can suggest new ideas. You’ll run a risk of alienating your future talent pool.  Now this is where we have to talk about PoPin. As an app, it already built with the M’s in mind. As digital natives, it’ll speak their language and give them an opportunity to participate, collaborate and contribute.