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POPin Blog

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Nope, it’s not that time of year quite yet. It’s almost better than that….it’s back to school time. Yes, and right around this time of year, as we vacuum out the beach sand, graham cracker dust and month-old French fries from the inside of our cars, we begin to look ahead and quietly celebrate. Does that sound mean? Well, don’t think too poorly of us, because it’s back to school (work) for us too. For all of us. And as much as we need our vacation time, it’s a killer coming back. Between endless phone calls, emails, fires that still need fighting and resetting our body clocks (what, we can’t sleep in til 11am anymore??), it’s tough getting our groove back. And if it’s tough for business leaders, we have to believe that it’s exponentially tougher for your teams. In fact, according to surveys by a staffing company that does workplace research, it takes the average employee a day and half to resume productivity at work after a break. Ok, so how to cope? How to get everyone’s groove back? Plan for Your First Week Back. Block off significant chunks of time in your calendar for the week after you get back so that you don’t return to a week of back-to-back meetings. Just as important, schedule a couple of lunch or coffee dates with people you’ll actually enjoy seeing, so that you have something to look forward to. Avoid Email Hell. After your initial e-mail sweep, don’t let your in-box run your day. We love this piece of advice from one of our colleagues: “Your in-box is not your to-do list. You’re better off setting aside a block of time per hour for e-mail – then give yourself long uninterrupted stretches to get regular work done.” Pretty good tip if you ask us.  Make Work Fun. Incorporate a little bit of summer into the work day. Remember when we talked about “summer-itis” a few weeks ago? Lots of those tips still make sense here. Take meetings outside, have lunch in the park and bring on that ice cream truck. Encourage Work-Life Balance. Now that everyone on your team is happy and rested, keep up that momentum and positive energy by encouraging more of a work-life balance. And since studies have shown that too much work can lead to a variety of stress-related illnesses that sap workers’ vitality, it’s more important than ever. Get and Keep Them Engaged. We know that you continued your engagement strategy over the summer months. But now that Q3 is around the corner, it’s time to get serious. Leveraging PoPin’s mobile app is exactly the right leadership tool to keep engagement on track.