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Just Do it, Don’t Say it

You’ve probably heard the old cliché “Actions speak louder than words,” right? As kids, adults drill this idea into our heads. As adults, we sometimes forget that we have to actually live up to it. It is more than just SAYING you’ll do something, it’s about actually taking steps to engage and finish our goals. Honestly, the best general life advice anyone can give you (especially in regards to business savvy) is to FOLLOW THROUGH. Don’t just say you’ll do something, just do it. People will trust you as a leader and respect your authority. They will also genuinely appreciate your hard work and dedication. Jim Joseph with Cohn & Wolfe wrote a great article for Entrepreneur.com addressing this very topic. His agency released a study on brand authenticity, in which they asked “12,000 consumers around the world in 14 different markets […] about the authentic behavior of brands.” The main consensus from their polling seemed to revolve around our favorite cliché: actions speak louder than words. It makes sense right? If your talking about brand authenticity, you want to see that brand follow through on what they promise. It’s not enough to determine authenticity through just talking about values and such. Of course, that’s great. Communication is great and very important, but simply communicating an ideal is not going to cut it. Follow through, friends!! That’s what takes the cake. Do more than talk a big game. Authentic behavior comes from daily interactions, small gestures, big gestures, and practicing what you preach. Everyone would do well to remember that. 78% of the people in the study believe that most brands are not completely open and honest. What do you think? Do you think this is true and those people are all blowing smoke– or maybe we should listen carefully and work to change that? What makes an entrepreneur is their ability to approach any given client interaction in the most earnest and honest way possible. Given that, they will see you as an authentic company. Remember to back it up with your expertise and your customers will be stay with you for the long haul. They will trust you and all that you offer them.