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Lasting Team Relationships Matter

We know that building long-term relationships with our team is of the utmost importance. We’ve talked about ways to engage the team and ways to focus on collaboration. Those are all vital cogs in the fostering lasting relationships machine. When you start the employee relationship with a long-term goal in mind, you are setting your team up for success. Treat each relationship as if that employee is there to stay forever– even if that may not be the case. We recently came across a very valuable list of ways to create lasting relationships with a team on Entrepreneur.com. Here are their 3 ways to do just that!  
  1. “Spend Quality Time Together” Great relationships do not happen overnight. It is a process (like everything else)– one you have to nourish and foster. You have to actually get to know your team! Spending quality time together is a great way to find out how to build more genuine relationships with them. Team lunches or outings are a great way to do that. Relationships are more than just the Big Things, they are the combination of all the small and simple interactions. In office time only goes so far! Like we said, team meals out of the office or a special event can really help bond a team.
  2. “Work on Further Developing Your Communication Skills” Communication is they key to any healthy relationship. Focusing on having real and meaningful conversations can go a long way. It will also help the productivity levels soar to new heights. Handling each conversation with clarity, tact and consciousness will help your team learn to better communicate with each other. It is also important to remember that conversations are more than a one-way street. You have to be approachable and available to your team.
  3. “Demonstrate that You Care by Offering Support During Adversity” When you genuinely support your team, they will want to provide you with their best work. A leader shows their true colors during hard times. It is up to us as leaders to support each member of the team when they are at their best and also when they are at their worst. When you rally behind your employees when they need you most, they will do the same. It is all about trust and support. Your team will be grateful if you show them how much you care– especially during times of adversity.
When you get to know your team by spending quality out of the office, communicate frequently and openly, and proving how much you truly care, you will create a team of people who genuinely want to work with you. They will provide you with the best work and with a great and positive attitude as well! You’re fostering their long term buy in to the company’s ultimate goals.