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How to Lead a Culture Change in the Workplace

Leading a company and organizational culture change can be a difficult task. Culture in your business is formed over years and countless interactions between the administration and employees. Negative energy can be a dangerous thing for a workplace. Whatever is currently accepted in your business may seem like it has a cement foundation but there is a possibility to enact change in the workplace. Cultures form as employees adapt to whatever temperature, style, or comfort zone set by the company founder. Management style often has a lot to do with the organization’s culture as well. As managers hire employees, they may reinforce bad policies or characteristics. Help your employees change and succeed with these simple steps. Create A Plan Before making an attempt to change whatever it is that you don’t like, make a plan to map out exactly where you want to go. When it comes to the ultimate change, you and your team need to form a clear picture. A clear picture of mission, values, and goals can help your culture evaluation. Plan what you want for the future of your company. By doing this, you can begin to see steps on how to get there. As you create a strategy based on what you value most, include your management team and find answers not only for what is most important to you but if those things are also compatible with your current company culture. If you want to change, plan accordingly. If certain things are going well, keep incorporating those aspects into your future plan. Train, Train, Train for Change in the Workplace True change in the workplace can only happen if there are major behavioral changes in the cogs in the machine. Your employees must clearly understand exactly what you expect from them. They also need to understand what behaviors aren’t working, and which ones will be needed for future success. This is done by training your employees on exactly how to do the new behaviors after you’ve determined what they are. Training your employees to do even the most basic of work values, like communication, can help get your entire team on the same page. Remember, you are trying to build trust in your employees through training. As you share your values with your team through training sessions, you can all come together to form a common goal and bond. This can slowly start to change the culture in your workplace. Educate and positively reinforce all the good that is happening in your business. Reward the Change Makers  If you aren’t satisfied with current culture in your workplace, you may need to change your rewards system. Take into account your promotions program, management, pay practice, and bonuses. It can create problems when rewarding individual performances if what you’d like to see more of is teamwork. Also, when people feel like they will be rewarded individually they are less apt to pick up another team member’s slack which will slow down progress to your ultimate goals. Consider department rewards or team rewards. Positively reinforce group efforts and the accomplishment of team goals. If you change your culture to support the goals of a team, you will slowly see the change in the workplace you desire. Go for Gold Whether you want to see a change in revenue or in company morale, you can achieve your business dreams with employee engagement, business alignment through rewards, and by setting a plan into motion. Free your business, brand, and career from limits by creating a collaboration to solve all of your problems. When you’re ready to see a positive change in the workplace, try us.