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How to Lead Millennials in the Workplace

Anyone born after 1982 is considered a millennial. While the term millennial is often used negatively, the fact is that millennials are here to stay. A third of the workforce is made up of millennials. This new face of the workforce has introduced new workplace cultures and expectations. Millennial workers want and need to be engaged. They need to feel connected to their work. This allows them to remain focused and productive. If these needs are not met, millennials are more likely to leave a company for a more engaging position. So how can you successfully lead millennials in the workplace? Continue on for 5 tips for being a quality leader and manager.

Tips for Leading Millennials in the Workplace

1. Personal development is a must

Older employees may be more willing to deal with slower personal development. However, when it comes to millennials, growth is a must. Younger employees want to know that they are involved in projects that will allow for personal development. Millennials are looking for quick movement up the chain. To allow your younger workforce to grow:
  • Put millennials on high-visibility projects
  • Assign work that provides experiential learning
  • Assign a mentor who can assist younger employees in proper career decisions
When millennials feel as if they are developing personally, they are more likely to stay with your company.

2. Offer freedom with feedback

Millennials bring new skillsets and ideas to the workplace. Acknowledge these ideas and provide freedom to use them. While freedom can lead to failure, millennials aren’t afraid to own their mistakes. As with any employee, leadership feedback is crucial. If a younger employee’s ideas have been successful, let him/her know! Employees like to know that their work has made an impact. They also enjoy knowing how to improve. Slacking on feedback can be detrimental to your employees.

3. Be a good listener

A good leader must be a good listener. Leading from in front means listening to those below you. Embrace the differences in your workforce. Understand that every employee deserves to be heard. When employees voice concerns, listen to them. Be willing to make changes. A quality leader isn’t rigid in his/her ways. Resonate with your workforce and you’re bound to get the respect you seek!

4. Don’t slack on face time

Making connections with your millennial workforce is a must. Provide as much face time as possible, especially with younger employees. Be willing to have regular in-person meetings. Give them feedback and ask for feedback for yourself! Ask a millennial how you can be a better manager. Facetime allows you to engage and connect. Active and often face time shows that you are a genuine leader.

5. Avoid the one-size-fits-all idea

Not all millennials in the workplace are the same. In fact, no two employees are the same! As a leader, you must keep an open mind. Your workforce shouldn’t be seen as one entity. Instead, see each employee for who they are. Your approach to leading may need to be tweaked for each employee. Being flexible and genuine will get you far!

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