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Leaders Win or Lose Based on How Well Their Teams are Aligned

Imagine your the captain of a massive ship. It takes dozens of workers to keep your ship in sailing shape, and everyone is expected to do a great job. Now imagine you and your trusted crew are sailing along one day when you come across a massive formation of rocks dead ahead. If you don’t change the direction of the ship immediately, your ship is about to sink! As you shout below deck to your team, calling for all hands on deck, you get no response. The few crew members that are doing their job are working overtime, but it still isn’t enough and you hit the rocks. Think of this as a metaphor for the importance of team alignment. If you and your team aren’t on the same page, you’ll all sink. Read on to learn more about why alignment is so important to the workplace.

Why Communication Matters

It’s no secret that good communication is an absolute must in the workplace. But do you know why? Excellent team communication strengthens a team’s bond and improves team alignment. In fact, one study correlates poor workplace communication with poor management and high turnover rates. In short, the worse the communication, the likelier employees are to get fed up and leave. If nothing else, proper alignment makes sure that everyone is on the same page. Employees clearly know what’s expected of them and why their work matters. Sharing a common goal is a fantastic way to create a sense of unity in the workplace.

Team Alignment Is A Sign Of A Business’s Overall Health

The strength (or lack thereof) of a team is a huge indicator of a business’s overall success. Think of it as your company’s vital signs. A strong team has a regular, powerful heartbeat that powers the whole body. In contrast, weak alignment is the equivalent of a weaker, unsteady heartbeat. It probably sounds like a silly metaphor, but it’s the truth. A team can only be effective when everyone is working toward the same end goal.

Even Poor Team Alignment Is Salvageable

There is good news, however. Even if team alignment is weak at the moment, hard work and good communication can easily reverse the issue. Whether you bring in a mediator to work with management and team members or use a platform like POPin, there are plenty of fantastic ways to strengthen your team. While it may take time and hard work on everyone’s part, realigning your team is more than worth it.

The Importance Of Alignment

It’s absolutely crucial that businesses understand how important alignment really is. Without it, you’re left with aimless employees and confused company heads. If you’re experiencing a disconnect at work, get in touch. POPin can help you and your team solve real problems in real time. Set goals and see real improvement in a matter of time. If you’re interested in strengthening your team, sign up for a free account. We’d be happy to talk with you about how POPin can assist your company.