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Are You Making These Common Company Meeting Mistakes?

Meetings are a natural part of the business world. But their costs can add up quickly. Each workday in America, there are approximately 11 million formal meetings. Businesses in America also spend $37 billion each year on unnecessary meetings. But how can you be sure you are making the most of your company meeting? Read on to learn how to avoid common meeting mistakes. Not Setting an Agenda (and Sticking to It) You should set an agenda for the meeting before it begins and distribute it to expected attendees ahead of time. This helps meeting members know the topics that will be discussed. It also allows everyone to be more prepared when the meeting begins. When you do not have an agenda, this creates some uncertainty about what will happen at the meeting. It can also cause attendees to go “off-task” by discussing matters that are irrelevant to what needs to be decided. Starting a Meeting Late Your meeting should start on time, but starting meetings late is a challenge for some businesses. According to The British Psychological Society, approximately 37 percent of meetings start late. When meetings start late, this can impact the tone of the discussion and productivity. This means that you might not accomplish all that you’d hope to during your meeting. You Eat During Your Meeting Eating during a meeting can distract your attendees from being focused on what is being discussed. There is the smell that comes from food, as well as noises that can be created as people eat. Some businesses offer “lunch and learn” opportunities. This gives employees the opportunity to eat a meal as they listen to a presentation on new topics. But despite the allure of offering attendees food, your message will be more effective if meals are kept separate from meetings. Inviting Too Many People You should avoid inviting too many people to your meetings. But how many invitations are too many? Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, follows what he calls the “Two Pizza Rule.” A team or meeting should not be larger than can be fed by two pizzas. By keeping the size of your company meeting smaller, you can focus on the tasks at hand and limit the interruptions that take place in large groups. Things like talking over one another, multiple cell phone rings and going off task. Wrapping Up: Hold an Effective Company Meeting A company meeting can be an effective tool to brainstorm new ideas and make important decisions. But to make the most of this valuable time, you and your co-workers should avoid these common mistakes. By taking the time to plan a meeting in advance, you can eliminate some of the stress that comes with them. You can also help ensure that your meetings run smoothly and that you accomplish what your business needs. Are you looking for other ways to increase your company meeting effectiveness? POPin will help you boost your meeting productivity and achieve your organization’s goals. Launch a free session to learn more about how we can help your business today!