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How to Manage Change in the Workplace (Without Panic)

Whether it’s downsizing, merging, or increasing the workflow, implementing change in the workplace is a tough challenge for both managers and employees. The role of management is to figure out effective ways to manage change in the workplace . But if they fail to do so, the employees may struggle to adjust and resist the changes. Most of the time, company changes aim to increase profits, be more productive and stay in the loop. But for your employees to understand this, you need to convey the message the right way. So, keep reading to learn how you can manage change in your company without causing panic. Consider How Change Will Affect People The best way to manage change in the workplace is to consider how it’ll affect your employees and their work. It’s normal for people to react to new things that may disrupt their workflow. But you, as a manager, should give them time to adjust. Know that fear and uncertainty will almost always be present when you announce changes. So, have your employees participate in the process. Provide insights, hold meetings and answer questions that’ll help them accept this new way of doing things. And if you want to see how the new decisions influence the company as a whole, conduct anonymous surveys to get honest feedback from your employees. Communicate the Changes with Employees Another challenge all managers face is communicating the change in the workplace effectively. The worst practice you can think of is gathering everyone, saying what you have to say and expect them to execute it perfectly overnight. People need to understand the reasons behind your decisions. They will perform better if they have a logical explanation for your requirements. For example, if you want to implement an open office workspace in place of the cubicles or private offices, tell your employees how they’ll benefit from this practice. Recognize the Accomplishments To effectively manage change in the workplace, you should recognize the accomplishments of your employees instead of pointing out their mistakes. Show them you appreciate their work and explain how their strengths will contribute to the company’s goals in the future. Even if you think they should improve, communicate this without being overly critical and blunt. If they feel valued, they’ll be more motivated to work even harder. Help Your Employees Adjust No matter how many employees you have, it’s important to help them adjust to the new system. Most people view company changes negatively. So, you should try and bring out the positive outcomes of this new situation. If necessary, schedule meetings with teams or even individuals and ask them what they think. Suggest methods and techniques they can use to better adapt to their new assignments. Remember that changes are stressful and it takes time for people to accept and implement them into their daily workflow. Successfully Manage Change in the Workplace On a company level, changes in the workplace are a step forward. But for progress to happen, your workers should be on the same page. Need feedback from your employees to help you solve company issues? Start your free trial of POPin or check out our blog for more useful tips!