Management vs. Employees

How Leaders Can Bridge the Power Gaps That Hurt Corporate Performance by serial entrepreneur Hayes Drumwright.

Management vs. Employees
Management vs. Employees
Management vs. Employees

Management vs. Employees
Answers Important Questions Like:

  • Why is there a divide between management and their employees ?

  • Why does each group have such a hard time understanding each other?

  • Why do over 70% of corporate initiatives fail?

  • How do we bridge the power gap in a way that inspires engagement?

Management vs. Employees provides leaders with a roadmap for bridging the gaps between management and employees.

Serial entrepreneur Hayes Drumwright demonstrates how to take responsibility for uncovering and fusing the inspiration potential at all levels of your organization and neutralizing the culture of fear and apathy that corrodes the team and organizational commitments of your employees.

Having bootstrapped many businesses in various industries, Drumwright covers the mindset and methodologies leaders must utilize at all levels in organizations to close the gap on apathy and entitlement in order to create an engaged workforce that can scale companies organically.

Using stories from both perspectives and multiple company engagements you will learn how to build trust, gather input, distribute accountability, and make those you lead feel like an accomplice in the leader’s master plan.

What You'll Learn from
Management vs. Employees:

  • How to better implement change in today’s over-complicated, over-structured enterprise
  • Inspire the enterprise employee base to work with the same passion as the founders and executive team toward corporate success
  • Traverse the often confusing array of new social media tools in order to better understand which tool is appropriate to which situation without creating more social noise
  • Ensure a 70% success rate for new initiatives instead of the current 70% failure rate critical to corporate productivity, profitability, and viability

Listen to What Critics are Saying

"I believe a person who can turn a negative into a positive can never be defeated - this is brilliantly illustrated in Management vs Employees. Hayes Drumwright shares his stories of success, and, importantly, failure with a rare rawness that you will be grateful for again and again."

Greg McKeown, New York Times bestselling author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

"Hayes Drumwright is a world-class entrepreneur. And in this direct, provocative, and honest book, he describes both the path of his life and the route all of us can take to build something big. Along the way, he shows that a leader’s ultimate job is not to shield people from risk, but to help them learn and grow."

Daniel H. Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

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