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Narcissism Never Pays Off

Sometimes the most vain and self-interested leaders are really good at their jobs. They would have to be. However, a superiority complex will not help you engage your team. This ‘me me me’ attitude will only hinder your company’s productivity and success. Inc.com wrote a list of five mistakes narcissistic leaders make that we must all actively avoid.
  1. “Telling (Rather Than Showing) People How Great They Are” It is not enough to tell your employees how great their work is. Of course, that’s important, but when you are constantly boasting about how awesome your company is, you will sound conceited. A good leader will show their team that they are valued by engaging them! Invest your time and energy into creating the best company you can.
  2. “Trying to Be the Star of the Show” Being a leader does not mean you deserve all the credit. In fact, it means quite the opposite. Narcissistic CEOs have the constant need to be seen. Humble CEOs know when to step back and let others shine. It is important to remember that the entire team has good ideas to share.
  3. “Not Understanding the Audience” Conceited CEOs tend to believe that everyone wants the product/service they are selling. This is just not the case. Not everyone is going to want what you have to offer. The humble leader– the best type of leader– wants to learn from their customers. They want to actually communicate with the targeted audience in order to make the product/service the best it can be. It’s all about providing information, all the while being a credible and reliable source.
  4. “Hiding Their Mistakes” Narcissistic leaders try to hide the negative things; they try to cover up their mistakes. A great leader learns from their mistakes. They use each failure as a moment for growth. It is important to remember not to make excuses and to always apologize when wrong!
“Refusing to Accept Feedback” This is probably the most important thing to remember in regards to being a humble leader instead of a narcissistic CEO. The opinions of your team MATTER. Feedback is always a must when it comes to building up productivity and fostering success. Listening with an open mind can go a long way! In fact, open and honest discussions are your best bet for positive employee engagement.