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New Year’s Resolution For Social CEOs

Most of us begin the New Year with the greatest of intentions to eat healthier, break some bad habits, spend more time with family, take up a new hobby or perhaps even learn a new language. We think these resolutions are good at any time, and for everyone. But if you lead a team or an organization, there are always going to be some items you wish you could check off in the year ahead. Not just the resolutions that can change the way you live your life; but how to improve the way you lead and the culture and dynamics of your team. We’ve talked long and hard about how social media has become indispensable for CEOs . So in the spirit of the New Year, we’re going to suggest the following 4 resolutions for the Social CEO.
  •  I Will Embrace Social Media—It’s high time for the Modern CEO to embrace social media. CEOs are discussed in online channels every day, and it is important to create an authentic voice that consumers know and trust. Truly, social media provides what CEOs need most and receive least—unfiltered feedback. Listen to what people are saying about your brand, your products, and you. You will learn things that your deputies won’t tell you. You’ll find out what makes your customer tick and what ticks them off.
  • I will do more than just LinkedIn —CEOs need to go where their stakeholders are, whether they’re (consumers in) the marketplace, investors, partners or the internal team. Today’s CEO can choose the platform most popular with their key community. Social media gives CEOs the opportunity to reach out in a way that is immediate, informal and direct — a huge shift from the old ‘top-down’ approach to dialogue.
  • I will do it myself —From Forbes: “If you’re not going to control your own social media profiles, then you shouldn’t be on social media. Being social does not mean tasking your marketing department with setting up social media profiles with your name on them and posting content as if they were you. If you’re going to do this then you might as well just set up a corporate profile or direct people to the “press” section of your website. Being effective on social media means being authentic, and that means the content being posted needs to come directly from you. If it doesn’t, it will be obvious to your followers and you’ll get little to no traction, even if you’re a business superstar who can attract lots of followers by dint of your name alone.”
  • I will Connect Instead of Promote —Yes, go ahead and spread the good word about your company, but you must also make an effort to interact with others, such as influencers, customers and concerned stakeholders. This is all about building relationships. Because the bigger value to social media for business isn’t in the talking, it’s in the listening. CEOs can use social media to listen to their customers, competitors, competitors’ customers, and employees. They can discover new products, new markets, and new opportunities. Once they start talking, they can tell their story – provide thought leadership, and attract new partners, vendors, talent and customers.
While it sometimes seems daunting and unattainable to manage the fire hose of information, social channels provide what the social CEO need most – unfiltered feedback. What’s more, social media is the democratization of content. It’s an early warning system, an instant feedback loop, and a brand sentiment barometer.