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Benefits of crowdsourcing issues and solutions for your organisation

Many business owners work every day trying to resolve the common challenges in business. Some challenges include growing revenue, hiring employees, and adhering to government regulations. Instead of coping alone, they can draw upon the benefits of crowdsourcing. One if the biggest challenges relate to employee attrition. Did you know that employees who feel engaged and motivated in their job are 59% less likely to look for a position with a different company within the next 12 months? This statistic highlights how important it is to be aware of employee attrition, to avoid losing your most valuable assets: the human resource. Think about it. If a handful of your best employees decided to leave the company tomorrow, what kind of situation would that put you in? You’d have to do more with fewer resources, in order to keep your current standard of service. Using crowdsourcing technology can be a highly effective way of keeping up with your organization’s pulse, keeping your employees satisfied, and being the best boss that you can be.