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Business Power Tools: 8 Apps Skyhigh’s CEO Can’t Live Without

PopIn is a targeted crowdsourcing and online survey app to help executives engage employees on potential decisions, and give workers an easy line for direct feedback. Gupta said Skyhigh Networks uses PopIn to promote employee engagement across its global organization, and give the organization a more intuitive form factor than surveys to weigh in on what’s going on with the company. “One of our missions at Skyhigh is to create a culture that matters. With offices in the Bay Area, the East Coast, the UK, and India, along with a global sales team, we are always looking for tools that can connect teams across geographies,” said Gupta. “PopIn is a tool that helps us with employee engagement on everything from logistics like meeting times to employees’ perceptions of leadership styles and company culture. Employees can quickly, easily, and frequently provide feedback without getting bogged down in a long survey. The application also makes it easy to engage with employees periodically over time, which helps us track our progress on our goals.”