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Buy-In Matters in Business Decision-Making

Decision-making is the very essence of business. Decisions matter, from setting out a company’s high-level strategic vision to executing on its most basic daily operations. Every decision is accompanied by uncertainty and risk, because decision-makers must simultaneously decide which paths they will not choose. The level of risk can be mitigated by gathering better information, but at some point, each decision marks a turning point from assessing a range of options to taking some concrete action. Decisions do not get made in a vacuum; they are a function of an organization’s history, culture and leadership style. Of course, successful leadership depends on making the right decisions – at least most of the time. What’s needed to make better decisions is an institutional framework that enables team members to quickly discover new ideas, share accountability, and engage deeply with each other. In this age of social media, workers also want workplaces that are more social and inclusive. What’s needed is a platform for real buy-in that will motivate workers to become accomplices in the organization’s master plan.