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Holiday Pain Points: There’s A ‘Right Way’ To Onboard Temporary Workers

By Brian Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer at POP One of the biggest pain points for companies during the holidays comes with the influx of hires they make in order to accommodate increased demand. Case in point, Amazon announced it will nearly double its fulfillment center workforce with 120,000 temporary employees; Macy’s will hire 80,000 temporary workers; Target, 100,000; JC Penny, 40,000. While the extra hiring is helpful, it can create challenges in retail teams in terms of training them to get the job done. In most cases, the transition from training to ready-to-sell can take weeks, a luxury retail companies do not have. Many companies have begun to tap new social, collaboration tools to better engage and equip the sales team, to provide more effective training, help staff come up the learning curve more quickly and begin selling to ensure better profitability.