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The Magic of the Truth: Communicating Through Organizational Change

We spent weeks as a leadership team discussing an organizational change we needed to make in order to better align the company to achieve our goals. These are brutal times as a leader because everyone in the company has value, but our timing was off and we had brought on certain functions either too early or too aggressively. Regardless, when a move needs to be made, you have to make it. We delivered the news to the individuals on a Wednesday morning in a loving but systematic fashion. It was moments after that the real work for leaders really starts. Earlier in the week, we let the company know there would be an all hands on Thursday at 8:30am (the day after the riff). We knew that would be our chance to address everyone. What we didn’t know was how they would react or receive the message. To manage that, I personally met with the different departments and explained how the day was very difficult, but we were excited about the future with a totally aligned team. After 15 minutes of talking, I asked each group if they had any concerns, questions, or comments. Every group said nothing, except one. The one person that spoke up said, “I am not going to ask now, but I am going to ask it in the POPin.”