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POPin 2.50 App Features Simplify Crowd-Solving for Enterprise Users

Teams Adopt Social Engagement Platform to Improve Workforce Culture   Irvine, CA – Aug. 2, 2016 – POPin today released POPin 2.50, the latest version of its crowd-solving product with a range of new features designed to make it easier for users to collaborate with internal teams, partners and customers. POPin helps leaders solicit feedback from teams and workgroups by hosting an online discussion to set shared priorities for crowd-solving problems across various management issues. The latest POPin application features an updated self-launch tool, which makes it easier for employees to pose new questions; rePOP, which simplifies follow-up and recurring sessions; Open Invites, which can be shared broadly on social media; and native software support for Android-based devices. “POPin takes brainstorming to another level of engagement,” said Dr. Katy Ring, Research Director of IT Services for 451 Group. “With POPin, more people can be involved with prioritizing ideas and problems. Broadening the engagement levels means that the platform can be used to source, brainstorm and validate initiatives, providing a ‘sanity check’ throughout the organization via POPin sessions to find out what additional things need to be done, as well as to offer three-month checkpoints for pivoting initiatives.” The latest Self-Launch feature allows anybody in an organization to launch a new session, rather than requiring POPin consultants to oversee management of the session. The updated Self-Launch gives users the ability to invite new participants, or to easily send reminder emails from the session management tab. Self-Launch offers suggestions for proven questions that have worked well in past sessions, along with the ability to easily configure an event’s timing and duration. Users can vote on shared comments in this latest version, and hosts can designate participants as either anonymous or named, depending on the nature of the session. With the simple click of a button, the new rePOP feature gives users the ability to run the same session again in the future, or to pose the same question or questions to a new audience. In addition, rePOP allows session hosts to trigger relevant follow-up questions. The rePOP feature also provides an effective template to facilitate ongoing sessions, rather than having to develop completely new sets of questions for each session. The Open Invites tool gives hosts an ability to post info about an upcoming session via a web link, rather than requiring email invitations for each attendee to join a session. In this way, organizations can steadily increase the viral adoption of crowd-solving sessions among their various internal business units and departments, and even with their external partners and customers. Another major advance for POPin 2.5 involves the creation of a native Android application that runs seamlessly on Android-based smartphones and tablets, rather than accessing the software via a Website interface. The native Android app is much faster and easier to use than the Web-based version because it has been optimized for the Android OS user interface. “We are extremely excited by the progress we have made at POPin by simplifying the usability of our mobile application, while making it easier for users to initiate and manage sessions themselves without any need for technical support,” said Hayes Drumwright, founder and CEO of POPin. About POPin POPin is a crowd-solving mobile platform that helps organizations connect with team members and partners to improve initiative success management. The app leverages crowdsourcing and crowd-solving to meet specific business challenges and provide a common voice for collaboration. POPin also offers SaaS, web interfaces and dedicated engagement managers to deliver timely and innovative impacts to relevant corporate objectives. For more information visit www.popinnow.com. ### Media Contact Gutenberg Communications Michael Gallo 212-239-8594 [email protected]