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POPin 4.0 Is the Control Center for Executives to Measure and Drive Alignment

Irvine, CA – June 20, 2017 – POPin, a software platform for leaders and executives designed to help drive organizational alignment, today launched version 4.0 of its platform. POPin’s newest release version 4.0 adds an Executive Control Center that allows leaders to measure key areas of interest and identify where there are issues. The new functionality compliments POPin’s existing ability to solve challenging problems with the input of the organization and drive alignment and a reduction of obstacles. The updated POPin creates real-time measurement and feedback loops between leadership and their organization around business critical issues. “POPin provides a unique way to operationalize organizational alignment,” said Lee Ott, President of POPin. “This new release allows companies to drive success by uniting and engaging the organization in solving how to achieve strategic goals and create high functioning workplaces and teams by finding and removing the obstacles in their way, increasing both throughput and employee trust in the organization.” POPin 4.0 includes the new Executive Control Center, which provides insight into current activities and issues. It also includes new Pulse functionality, allowing the measurement of specific issues or topics over time. Additionally POPin 4.0 adds the ability to upload Teams, and generate a breakdown of results by attributes, such as demographics, manager, division, office, etc. POPin 4.0 also includes the new Org Alignment module, a year-long program based on POPin’s successful engagement with hundreds of organizations for driving organizational alignment and the removal of obstacles. The University of Pennsylvania, with over 4,500 faculty members and 25,000 students, deployed POPin to improve communications within the institution of higher education. “Hearing the truth is absolutely critical to me as a leader. POPin gives us that channel to the truth. Nothing else that I have ever worked with has allowed me to really get to the heart of issues as quickly and as efficiently as this tool,” explains Tom Murphy, CIO of UPenn, regarding the University’s former communication challenges.   For more information about POPin and the 4.0 release of the platform, please join us for a webcast on Thursday, June 27 at 1pm PST. Register here: http://bit.ly/2tdX4TD.