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POPin Blog

POPin 5.0 Crowdsourcing Platform Drives Employee Engagement Around Company Meetings

Redesigned Product Leverages Machine Learning for Next Gen Content Management, Dashboards and Omnichannel User Notification Irvine, CA – March 13, 2018POPin, a software platform for leaders and executives designed to help drive organizational alignment, today launched version 5.0 of its crowdsourcing platform. The redesigned platform is aimed at helping business leaders create automated feedback loops around company meetings to solicit candid and anonymous feedback that builds trust, exposes confusion and fosters engagement among employees. POPin is built on an architecture that has grown to include more than 16 interdependently deployable, modular services which operate as unique processes connected via simple well defined APIs. The flexibility of this approach allows the engineering team to pick the best languages and sub-frameworks to solve problems. The platform’s micro services are primarily written in Go and Java with Python used for heavier statistical data lifting and machine learning. “In spite of rapid technology advances in communications technology, businesses today continue to face a crisis of organizational alignment and widespread disconnect between management and employees,” said Brian Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer of POPin. “POPin 5.0 makes it easy for leaders to automate candid feedback from employees, especially prior to and after important meetings, to drive better organizational alignment and improve initiative success management.” “One of the keys to the success of POPin is our ability to release significant feature updates regularly without risking stability,” said Jeff Kunzelman, Chief Technology Officer of POPin. “To allow us to innovate at such a rapid rate, POPin has been built on an ever-evolving micro services architecture which leverages the best open source frameworks as well as our own home grown specialty services.” POPin 5.0 leverages the latest features of the popular open-source redis platform in memory data store to provide faster real-time data streams. These streams are used to satisfy the increased demand to calculate dashboard analytics, measure content contributions, notifications and more allowing us to deliver content and analytics to business leaders in real time. “POPin enables SCL Health to engage associates in meaningful dialogue which has a tremendous impact on how we provide superior care, while running a large, complex organization,” said Dave Husted, VP, SCL Health. “As various units within organizations are coming under additional pressure to get more comfortable with continuous change, there is a growing requirement for ways to sustain initiatives and ensure ongoing engagement throughout dispersed teams. Consequently, organizations are just beginning to explore crowd-sourcing as a management tool, and so will increasingly need the software to support the approach,” said Katy Ring, Research Director, IT Services, 451 Group. “Aside from direct enterprise sales, POPin could also think about how the platform might be used to support service providers involved in digital technology deployments, as its platform may well enable more successful delivery of projects for this category of supplier.” Resources: About POPin POPin is a leadership tool that enables leaders to measure and solve real issues across the enterprise. POPin turns insights into action, helping leaders drive alignment and reduce obstacles to corporate objectives. POPin runs on the web and on mobile. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, POPin is already helping organizations such as CoreLogic, OldCastle, Ford and NYU. For more information visit www.popinnow.com.