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POPin Blog

New Release of POPin Mobile App Accelerates Team Collaboration

Simpler User Experience with Customizable Templates and Selfie Videos Democratizes Crowd-solving Platform for the Masses Irvine, CA – February 4, 2016 – POP today released the latest version of POPin, a leadership tool that drives desired business outcomes by enabling executives and all employees throughout an organization to facilitate collaboration with internal teams, partners and customers. The new POPin release provides an improved user experience with a “Self-Launch” feature that allows employees to launch and self-host their own POPin sessions about any topic to group within an organization. The mobile app and web-based platforms help leaders solicit feedback from large groups by hosting a productive online discussion, and then setting shared priorities to crowd-solve problems across a range of management issues. The mobile app improves team alignment and staff collaboration by engaging colleagues on their favorite devices. Until now, users were required to work through a POPin Engagement Manager to facilitate each new session. The new “Self-Launch” feature allows any employee to click through three simple steps to launch an event instantly and include a 30 second selfie video, POPin video template, or an alternate video to engage their co-workers when participating in the event. The POPin “Self-Launch” Release empowers anyone in the organization to quickly and simply crowdsource solutions with their co-workers. Featured highlights include:
  • A redesigned cards-based user interface for the web application
  • Customized video templates with proven question topics to engage coworkers when participating in the session.
  • Rebuilt video templates to design user invitations and custom in-app launch videos
  • Video action plans to share session results at the conclusion of events
  • Domain locking and the latest security protocols to restrict access to anyone outside of the company domain
“One of the big challenges facing any disruptive organizational change is getting staff on-side and involved,” said Dr. Katy Ring, Research Director of IT Services for 451 Group. “POPin is creating a new category called Initiative Success Management aimed at helping organizations more effectively engage with employees and stop wasting money on failed new initiatives. By giving team members an authentic voice in decision-making, POPin is changing the framework for group alignment and buy-in.” Many organizations of all sizes have adopted successful POPin crowd-solving sessions, including CoreLogic, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Arrow and IQNavigator. “POPin has provided us a way to flatten the organization and hear directly from the team in their own words while focusing on what they think is most important,” said Sven Gerjets, Time Warner Cable’s Chief Information Officer. This POPin release furthers the emerging industry category for “Initiative Success Management (ISM),” which combines elements of staff alignment, enterprise social media, surveys and ideation software, said Hayes Drumwright, founder and CEO of POP. “We have consistently found that all types of executive leaders can benefit from Initiative Success Management to troubleshoot their problems and motivate their teams,” Drumwright said. “Now with this latest release, we are excited to put the power of POPin into the hands of more people across all types of organizations.” POPin runs on either the iOS or Android platforms, including push notifications and in-app notifications similar to instant messaging. About POPin POPin is a crowd-solving mobile platform that helps organizations connect with team members and partners to improve initiative success management. The app leverages crowdsourcing and crowd-solv¬ing to meet specific business challenges and provide a common voice for collaboration. POPin also offers SaaS, web interfaces and dedicated engagement managers to deliver timely and innovative impacts to relevant corporate objectives. For more information visit www.popinnow.com. ### Media Contact Gutenberg Communications Michael Gallo 212-239-8594 [email protected]