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POPin Blog

POPin Launches Major Update to Help Executives Drive Buy-in

POPin 3.0 Focuses on Driving Employee Engagement and Organizational Alignment.   Irvine, CA – October 19, 2016 – POPin today launched a major update, adding functionality that helps executives make better decisions by driving buy-in among the teams doing the work. This is a significant evolution from the company’s initial product. POPin 3.0 is a complete product redesign that focuses on the simplicity of enabling executives to ask questions or address challenges, and for employees to easily participate in solving them. The updated product includes highly requested features such as in-app dashboards for quick insights into the best answers for each question, and the inclusion of photos in answers, allowing for visual as well as textual responses by employees. The new focus is the result of the success and traction POPin has had piloting this use case with executives at over 100 companies and schools, including AT&T, Ford Motor Company, Taco Bell, HP, Time Warner Cable, Experian and NYU, among others. The redesigned product gives executives a way to engage with their staff by allowing employees to speak openly without fear of reprimand, and gives management a clearer view into what’s really required to drive initiatives toward success. “Leaders in all types of organizations struggle with how to execute their decisions in a way that creates buy-in with the teams doing the work,” said Lee Ott, President of POPin. “Even more dramatically, it’s the people doing the work who usually know the truth of what will succeed or fail, but it’s often career-limiting for them to provide that information to the executives. POPin provides executives and leaders with a way to make it safe for employees to say why something will or will not work, and to provide constructive input to solving corporate challenges. The result of using POPin is employee buy-in and organizational alignment.” “POPin is a transparent tool that provides unfettered feedback,” said Dr. Katy Ring, Research Director of IT Services for 451 Group. “As such, the companies adopting it thoughtfully to support transformation are finding it a boon to the success of their projects.” About POPin POPin equips leaders to implement decisions with the buy-in of the teams doing the work. With POPin, leaders can learn the truth of what will work and what won’t from the people who will be doing the work. POPin is available as a web app and as a native mobile app for both Apple iOS and Android. POPin also provides dedicated Customer Success Consultants to customers to facilitate successful use of POPin. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, POPin is already helping organizations such as CoreLogic, Experian, Immix Group and NYU make better decisions quickly and gain buy-in along the way. For more information visit www.popinnow.com. ### Media Contact Gutenberg Communications Michael Gallo 212-239-8594 [email protected]