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POPin Launches Version 3.2.5 Crowdsourcing App with Integration to Slack

Oldcastle Materials Deploys POPin to Raise Engagement  Irvine, CA – February 22, 2017 – POPin, a crowdsourcing platform that helps leaders achieve goals with the buy-in of the teams doing the work, today launched version 3.2.5 of its mobile application. The upgraded product integrates with the Slack collaboration platform, providing users with the ability to immediately launch a POPin session during a group chat. This integration creates an on-demand resource for Slack users to initiate an anonymous feedback loop that will identify common pain points and challenges, and ultimately drive team alignment and buy-in on critical initiatives. POPin 3.2.5 also offers a comprehensive list of predetermined “recipes” or templates that give business leaders a specific framework to solicit team feedback on a number of common use cases, such as new leader assimilation, retention and culture, a product or service launch, agenda building, and others. “Our goal is to turn leaders into heroes, whether you are working on a specific initiative or you just want honest feedback from your team,” said Lee Ott, President of POPin. “This product upgrade makes it even easier for users to launch POPin sessions on a variety of topics and formats, and solicit candid feedback as well as creative solutions from a team.” In addition, version 3.2.5 offers a range of lightweight features to encourage team alignment, such as supporting a strong call to action following a POPin session by suggesting follow-up questions; closing the loop with participants; and taking action based on team feedback to move the discussion from “what” to “how.” Oldcastle Materials, the leading supplier of construction materials in the United States, recently deployed POPin to improve employee engagement. Oldcastle Materials employs more than 20,000 people in 1,200 locations across more than 60 companies in the organization. “The challenge is making sure that the message that comes from the corner office is heard all the way to the paving crew out on the highway,” said Charlie Brown, Chief Financial Officer of Oldcastle Materials. “This is a very difficult task if you don’t have the right engagement processes in place. We continue to focus on standardization, best practices, continuous improvement and innovation throughout our organization, and process standardization is critical.” “POPin for us is very simply a connection between the organization’s leadership to the base, making sure that we have the best ideas and that we give a voice to the people who know various aspects of our business the best to keep us focused on where we’re going,” added Brown. POPin’s rapidly expanding customer list also includes a diverse group of blue chip companies such as AT&T, Ford Motor Company, Taco Bell, HP, Time Warner Cable, Juniper Networks and NASA, among others. “The ability to explore topics anonymously makes it safe for employees in the trenches to tell management why something will or will not work, so that the discussion can focus on problem-solving rather than finger-pointing,” said Ott. “This creates an ideal environment to identify and address the most common challenges within an organization, which ultimately creates buy-in and organizational alignment.” About POPin POPin is a crowdsourcing mobile platform that helps leaders achieve goals with the buy-in of the teams doing the work. The app leverages crowdsourcing and crowdsolving to meet specific business challenges and provide a common voice for collaboration. POPin also offers SaaS, web interfaces and dedicated engagement managers to deliver timely and innovative impacts to relevant corporate objectives. For more information visit www.popinnow.com. ### Media Contact Lumina Communications Michael Gallo 212-239-8594 [email protected]