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Use POPin to ask multi-question surveys with robust reporting to drive employee engagement.

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Have an honest conversation by allowing your participants to see, comment and vote on each other's answers to your question.

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POPin Blog

Trace3 stresses importance of hearing employee voices

Q: How does your workforce communicate their concerns? A: We use a tool called POPin. Everyone has it on their phone and laptop. It allows me to ask questions to the company. I’ll ask, “What would stop you from bringing a friend to Trace3?” Or, “If you were in charge of growth, what would you lean into?” Anyone can respond, anonymously or not. Then we let everyone vote on the answer. It might be something management doesn’t want to hear. Many companies are afraid to let employees have a voice. But there is gold in those answers. There’s a quote from V.S. Naipul: “The only lies for which we are truly punished are those we tell ourselves.”