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POPin Blog

Only 15 Months To Go….

It’s mid-year 2015 and though we’re about 16 months away from another Presidential election, we already have about 23+ presidential hopefuls tossing their hats into the election ring. So buckle up folks. Based on what we’ve seen and heard so far, we’re in for a bumpy ride. But no matter your politics – and trust us, this isn’t our bailiwick either – we find lots of interesting parallels between how presidential hopefuls and CEOs communicate to their constituents. Ironically, one hopeful has turned their approach upside down and is embracing a more personal, one on one strategy. We’ll have to wait and see if that’s successful, but meanwhile, let’s highlight what those winning parallels are. Inspiring with a Message Good leaders will hit on just the right pain point to help inspire and encourage. This is true whether you are running a country or a company with only 25 employees. You find out what matters most and get laser focused on that message. In fact a recent survey reported that “the three leadership traits that most mattered were the ability to focus intensely on customer needs, the ability to collaborate with colleagues — and the ability to inspire.” Going Social This isn’t necessarily new. Candidates have been using the internet (quite successfully) for fundraising for a while. But it’s only been the last handful of years where candidates have leveraged social media to generate buzz and energy at the grass roots level. This is true for Social CEOs as well. In a study last year, Weber Shandwick found that a “majority of executives want their CEOs to be utilizing social media” for communication, reputation, and business results. The study noted that “76% of executives think it is a good idea for CEOs to be social.” Town Halls vs 1:1 The concept of the town hall meeting is borrowed from the traditional town meeting style of government used in New England. So, yes, this one has been around for a while too. But in an effort to shake things up, a candidate recently tabled some scheduled town halls in favor of something bordering on revolutionary: talking one on one. Is it realistic for a presidential campaign? Unfortunately the answer is no (there’s the scalability factor, after all). However, we applaud that candidate – and all CEOs – who are attempting that method of engagement and feedback. Fortunately, CEOs have POPin – our internal crowdsourcing software that allows input into a project to come from many areas, yet feel like it’s in a 1:1 setting. It provides a vehicle to produce fresh insights that will yield competitive benefits. So, if you’re thinking what we’re thinking, we’re on it. Sending POPin to 23 presidential hopefuls!