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Optimists Make Better Leaders

We like happy. We see sunshine, rainbows and lollipops. We pick up pennies for good luck. And we will always cross the street to pet a puppy or smile at a baby. Problems are challenges to be solved. There’s no mountain we can’t climb. And there is always a silver lining. We are unabashedly optimistic. Always. We are a glass half-full kinda people.   And that’s a very good thing. For example:
Better Overall Health An Australian study on 9501 women found optimistic people had greater overall health. The study used the SF-36 survey which measures overall vitality, mobility, pain and many other factors. Enjoy more love A longitudinal study on dating couples found optimist enjoyed more satisfying and longer lasting relationships. It seems optimistic people were more hopeful about the future and were subsequently more constructive during relationship adversity. Career Success A longitudinal study on MBA graduates revealed optimist found jobs more easily and were more likely to be promoted. “
Optimists make for a very healthy bunch! But did you also know that optimists also make better leaders? In fact, Intel co-founder Robert Noyce once said that optimism is “an essential ingredient of innovation. How else can the individual welcome change over security, adventure over staying in safe places?” So how is it that optimists make better leaders? Optimists Start Businesses. Optimists see opportunities in every difficulty. Optimists have the successful mindset. You simply cannot start a successful business unless you cast off the negative emotions of fear, uncertainty and worry. Many of the issues business leaders struggle with including management, creativity, financial performance and personal-professional balance, get easier when we approach them with optimism. Optimists Inspire Amazing leaders understand that the power of words can literally transform overwhelmed, challenged employees into powerhouse teams that are resilient, hopeful, and engaged. And of course, you know – since we’ve talked about it here – inspiring your team is not necessarily just about the message you wish to communicate, but the way you do it. And optimistic leaders are just better at it. Optimists Don’t Listen To Naysayers Optimistic leaders believe that what other people do or say is a reflection of their own reality, not theirs. Optimistic people don’t take the opinions of others too seriously when they don’t agree. This means not listening to the naysayers who will openly proclaim that you can’t achieve your goals. Optimists Have Courage In order to be courageous, you must be able to think of what is possible. Some of the most courageous people have the ability to NEVER doubt that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to.