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POPin Blog

Authorship Requires Ownership

Ownership requires hard work. For example, when you own a car, you have to make the money to purchase said vehicle. If you own a home, you have to put in the time to earn the money to pay for it. Anything worthwhile requires investment- whether it’s financial, physical, emotional, or time. Each of these types of investments is a form of authorship. And ownership, especially in the business world, is predicated on authorship. We bring up ownership in the business setting because, along with individual applications, there is a significant value in allowing your employees to have the chance to own and author your company. There are individuals at every level of your organization with insights and ideas on how to tackle the roadblocks you have or will encounter. They just need to be asked. This three-letter verb, ask, is exactly why we created POPin. As a leader, you want to know the truth. You want validation that the business decisions you’re making are correct for your organization. You want to know that your employees understand your direction and will support the plans you introduce. You don’t want your projects to be part of the statistic that 70% of new initiatives fail. The unidentified factor is the key to successfully avoiding failure. You really get the truth and the facts when an employee can share anonymously, and when your workforce shares, they own the solutions to the roadblocks. When leaders empower their people to take ownership one step further, they give their employees the chance to author the outcome of their business. Instead of just reporting on what’s wrong, go back to that three-letter verb. Ask your workforce how they would solve a problem. Ask them what factors would make a project a success. Ask them to brainstorm potential solutions. Let the voice of the team come out and source the best way to solve the roadblocks you’ve encountered. When you include your employees in the conversation, you’ll start to see what they see. You’ll understand what’s going on in the trenches of your business, and you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. As a leader, this information is invaluable. It will fuel your decisions and help you steer your company to important wins. But you will only truly win after your employees have owned and authored the initiatives in your organization. For the best way to help your workforce own and author your organization, check out POPin. It’s a safe and anonymous platform that gives your employees a way to share their opinions and help write the future of your company.