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POPin Blog

Perception is Everything?

Unless you’ve been living quietly under a rock this last week, you’ve no doubt seen it. That mind-bending perception vs reality puzzle. That damned black and blue dress. Doesn’t sound familiar? Well, go ahead a Google it…we’ll wait. (Just type in BLA and we swear, it’ll come right up.) Or just click here. It started on tumblr when Swiked posted this dress and the question “guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking the f*%[email protected] out”. Ok, so what do you think? Black and blue? White and gold? We’ve polled our team (and no, we didn’t use PoPinNow) and we’re nearly split down the middle. We’ve asked spouses, friends and even kids. There’s absolutely no rhyme, nor reason for why we are seeing what we’re seeing. Admittedly, we’re stumped. And if we’re being melodramatic, it’s an encapsulation of everything relevant about human perception and human reaction. So, what on earth is happening? An optical illusion, that’s what. The explanation behind it boils down to the neuroscience of perception, and it’s a problem researchers have wrestled with before. And it got us thinking… It’s been said that perception is reality. In the workplace, perceptions that aren’t managed become a reality that wasn’t intended. We know that employee perception is a factor that can make a huge difference in the quality of the workplace. When employees view the employer and their work through a positive lens, then it’s quite likely you’ll have a dedicated and productive employee. And the converse is true – if this employee has a negative perception, it’s going to show through their work. What kinds of things can impact an employee’s perception? Aside from the obvious – the nature of the working conditions, the policies and procedures of the business in general – we think it’s primarily about how well the employer communicates with employees. For most of us, clear and concise communication within a working environment is as essential as breathing. When employers choose to not create channels of communication with employees and place barriers to shared information, chances are that employee perception of the company will be less than ideal. Lack of communication can go a long way toward setting up an ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality that breeds negativity in the workplace and can potentially undermine the morale of even your most devoted of employees. This is why we are so passionate about PoPin and how it enables you to communicate and engage with your team members. Because, when they feel heard and trusted and valued, they will work harder and produce better results. And that friends, is a perception that you can’t argue with!