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POPin Honors Ashlee Weisser of Red Robin with Constellation Award

We are proud to announce that the December 2016 POPin Constellation Honoree is Ashlee Weisser, VP of Consumer Strategy and Insights at Red Robin. We established the Constellation Award to recognize collaborative and innovative leaders using the POPin platform, and Weisser exemplifies these leadership qualities in the way she empowers her organization to make good decisions with employee buy-in. Weisser’s emphasis on buy-in is one of the reasons she’s made such a meaningful impact at Red Robin with POPin. Giving employees a voice and providing a safe way for people to express counter or supportive opinions is the only way to find out the truth behind what your organization actually thinks and feels. Weisser leverages this by running multiple POPin sessions, using the first to gather surface level feedback and diving deeper to unearth additional value and suggestions. This approach is the most collaborative way to use the tool, as it doesn’t just allow participants the opportunity to share what their roadblocks are, but also why they exist. Red Robin uses POPin to collaboratively remove the pain points from the day-to-day lives of its employees. Using this platform, they’ve experienced record-breaking engagement from the individuals in the organization. By allowing their employees the chance to add ideas and comment on concerns, Red Robin helped remove critical roadblocks to success and the executive team was able to confidently pursue the direction the company bought in on.