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POPin Honors Hillside with Constellation Award

We are excited to announce that the April 2017 POPin Constellation Honoree is Emily Acker, President and CEO of Hillside. POPin established the Constellation Award to recognize individuals who use the platform in innovative ways to effect change for their organizations. Acker clearly exemplifies this in the way she leverages POPin to get invaluable insights from employees and improve engagement within her organization.

Hillside provides treatment options for children and teens experiencing mental health challenges. These young individuals deserve the best care possible- and POPin helps Hillside provide just that. Instead of relying on lengthy and overwhelming engagement surveys like the company had previously experienced, they now quickly identify and solve concerns from the staff. They are now able to ask specific questions and have dynamic discussions about resolving challenges.

The organization, with the help of the POPin team, developed a custom sequence of questions (or a custom success recipe) that helps them evaluate successes and areas of improvement in a strategic way. The recipe, called Board Engagement for Strategic Objectives, guides Hillside through the process of decision-making to help them achieve their goals.

Following the strategic use of POPin, Hillside discovered new priorities and were able to make two significant changes within a month of launching their first session. The organization added murals with bright colors to their facility, as suggested by their staff. They also reorganized their classrooms and the way they planned for staff. As the result of these two changes, the kids were more engaged and progressed better and the staff was happier. In talking about the new approach that POPin has affected, Acker said, “we are so excited about the level of engagement and empowerment.”

Congratulations to Emily Acker on this achievement.