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POPin Honors University of Pennsylvania with Constellation Award

We are excited to announce that the June 2017 POPin Constellation Honoree is Tom Murphy, CIO at the University of Pennsylvania. POPin established the Constellation Award to recognize collaborative and innovative leaders using the POPin platform, and Murphy clearly represents these qualities in the way he leads his employees and provides an open channel for feedback that people are comfortable with.

Murphy’s emphasis on getting real-time, granular, and specific feedback from employees at every level of the organization provides the foundation necessary for conquering communication challenges. He uses POPin in an innovative way to get to the heart of issues quickly and efficiently. One of the first POPin sessions the University of Pennsylvania ran was to identify the pain points that get in the way of people doing their jobs. With the feedback from the session, Murphy founded a continuous improvement program that helps projects succeed.

The University of Pennsylvania uses POPin to strategically change the way they engage with their work force, students, and clients. Learn more in the video below.