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POPin Honors Western Digital with Constellation Award

We are excited to announce the August 2017 POPin Constellation Honoree is JuneAn Lanigan, the Global Head of Enterprise Data at Western Digital. POPin established the Constellation Award to recognize collaborative and innovative leaders using the POPin platform, and Lanigan clearly represents these qualities in the way she leads her teams and lets the feedback of the masses shape the future of the projects in her organization. The way Lanigan leverages POPin and uses established recipes of questions helps the entire organization progress through roadblocks. By getting the feedback of employees and team members, Western Digital’s leadership has been able to solve difficult challenges in the company. One of these challenges was combining different groups and cultures into a new team. Lanigan used a series of questions as a new method to collect direct feedback and help leaders identify exactly what they need to do to solve problems. It also put accountability on the team instead of just the leadership team. She expressed, “POPin definitely expedited the entire process and the quality of the feedback that I got and the quality of actions that we took.” Check out more in the video below: