POPin allows leaders (creators) to solicit honest feedback from their teams by asking them to participate in an anonymous, single focused question. Participants are able to respond to questions and interact with each other’s answers with votes and comments.

Creator Dashboard

POPin gives creators an easy way to maintain their sessions and make sense of incoming feedback.

Uncover the Voice of Your Organization

POPin allows for users to anonymously provide feedback or ask questions. Users can then interact with each other’s answers through voting and comments, uncovering the voice of the majority. POPin will bridge the gap between leaders and their teams through a safe, constructive two-way conversation.

Create and Organize POPin Questions with Ease

Keep track of your sessions with pre-set filters, search abilities and quick overviews of your POPin results through your dashboard. Get up and running by quick launching your POPin with preset questions and recommended settings.

Pulse Questions

Run scale questions to keep your finger on the pulse of your organization. Unlike a traditional pulse survey, POPin helps you understand your score by allowing your team to comment and provide feedback.