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Use POPin to ask multi-question surveys with robust reporting to drive employee engagement.

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Have an honest conversation by allowing your participants to see, comment and vote on each other's answers to your question.

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POPin Blog

POPin “Self-Launch” Makes CrowdSolving Easy as 1-2-3

We are downright pleased, excited and (dare we say) overjoyed to announce the release of our latest version of the POPin app. For the first time, this new release includes an improved user experience with a helpful “Self-Launch” feature that lets employees launch and self-host their own POPin sessions to prioritize and crowd-solve new initiatives. Until now, users were required to work through a POPin Engagement Manager to facilitate each new session. Now the “Self-Launch” feature makes it easy to bypass external support by clicking through these three simple steps to instantly launch your event:
  • STEP 1: Self-Launch Your SessionWatch a brief video overview for instructions on how to host your own session.
  • STEP 2: Record Your VideoTape your short selfie video to invite other participants.
  • STEP 3: Summarize Your Question Type in a one-sentence question to be shared in the email invitations.
Voila! It’s that simple to launch your crowdsourcing session after choosing who you want to invite. The latest POPin version also includes tools that enable hosts to create their own 30-second selfie video invitations; or they can use premade video templates provided by POPin. The “Self-Launch” release empowers anyone in an organization to quickly and simply crowdsource solutions with their co-workers. New video action plans are available for hosts to share results at the conclusion of each session. In addition, new domain locking tools and the latest security protocols have been added to restrict access to anyone outside of a company’s domain. All POPin sessions last for 72 hours, and they remain anonymous in order to ensure completely transparent feedback. By giving team members an authentic voice in decision-making, POPin is changing the framework for group alignment and buy-in. Each new iteration of the POPin app continues to improve the user experience and gain new followers. Most recently, Sven Gerjets, the CIO for Time Warner Cable, ran several successful POPin trials with his in-house IT team at Time Warner Cable. Sven has endorsed POPin as a valuable new tool to promote Initiative Success Management (ISM), an emerging technology category that combines elements of staff alignment, enterprise social media, surveys and ideation software. “POPin has provided us a way to flatten the organization and hear directly from the team in their own words while focusing on what they think is most important,” Sven said.