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POPin Blog

Pour a Foundation

Just like building a home or structure must start with a strong and balanced foundation, a company must also start with a substantial base in order to be healthy. A healthy organization with a strong foundation is one with manageable risk and the ability to scale, which is critical to the long-term success of the company. Our CEO, Hayes Drumwright, talks a lot about this in his book, Management vs. Employees. His book is a fresh look at why initiatives fail in organizations, and he explains anecdotes from his personal failures on how to mitigate these malfunctions. In his book, Hayes makes the poignant point that people come first. Too many times in business, this gets forgotten. Money, acquisitions, power, and other factors get pushed in front of the employees in an organization, and it’s important to refocus on what matters most. This is a critical element of organizational success- and the book does a great job of exploring the relationship between people and the foundation of an organization. Specifically, it discusses setting aside ego and coming at problems from a different angle, holding “us” responsible to “them” in regards to operational risk, and securing a foundation for growth so you can help more people. Putting personal thoughts and needs to the side is important as a leader. When you put your employees first and figure out how to solve problems from a different angle, new opportunities and solutions to complicated organizational difficulties can be found. Finding these solutions are critical to maintaining a strong foundation. Another facet to having a strong foundation for your organization as a leader is feeling a responsibility to your employees. This responsibility should keep decision makers grounded in the risks they’re taking and subjecting their employees to. If the motivation for decisions made is to build a strong company and to create an environment for growth and innovation, leaders will naturally make decisions that will keep them accountable to the people in their organization. The key is to make sure those in charge are coming from the mindset of putting people first. At POPin, putting people first is at the core of our product. We help leaders implement decisions with the buy-in of the teams doing the work. When this capability is implemented, it’s easy for leaders’ mindsets to turn to their people. Additionally, our platform lets companies discover organizational problems, share authorship for solving challenges, and engage employees ­in new initiatives – all in a safe and anonymous environment.