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The Price of Missing Market Opportunity (the competition smoked us)

If you’re an American, you know that you live in “the land of opportunity.” In the 21st century marketplace, it seems that that phrase rings truer now than ever. Consider how social media provides a free marketing opportunity to anyone with quality content, or how blogs (just like this one!) are a new direct platform connecting writer to reader, without the middleman of a publisher. With so many opportunities surrounding us, success may seem inevitable – except that it isn’t. We’re in a business world incredibly saturated with all types of organizations – hospitals, universities, startups. It’s critically important to be on your game – all the time. The world is revolutionizing at a lightning pace, and if you blink you may miss your shot. Here are four setbacks you will encounter if you miss your market opportunity. Your mission is unique and you want the world to know that. However, if you miss a market opportunity by even a few days, you will have lost the potential to rake in a ton of revenue. Add that to the future money you’ll be spending to compete with the company that did take advantage of the market opportunity, and you could come in at a net loss.
  • If you miss the “right time” to make your mark, you will have to prepare and wait for another opportunity. Instead of moving forward, your team will be spending their time recovering from the industry game-changer that left you out. You will never know what the competition is up to until it is too late and you’re left scrambling.
  • The front seat. Wondering what is happening with the organization that just shook up your industry, and where they are? It’s brutal, but the truth is that they are probably one step ahead of you. Missing just one opportunity can wreak havoc on your institution’s progress. This is why industry leaders are always seeking out their next initiative. They know that to maintain their status they must make frequent, effective, and well-informed moves that others can only copy.
  • Future opportunities. We are a society that is always looking to the future. You must be aware of the future gaps that you can fill if you want to help create the future. If your organization is lagging behind in the market cycle, it is likely to stay there. In an unfortunate domino effect, those who miss opportunities will be even more unprepared for the next ones, and so on.
You’re too smart to miss the mark. However, it takes more than one set of eyes to stay up-to-date with all of the opportunities available. Who better to have your organization’s back than your own team? Enter POPin. With POPin, your team can quickly provide ideas and feedback from anywhere. Consider universities such as NYU and UPenn that have taken up crowdsolving. They know that their students are informed within the educational field and value their input. Any other organization is no different. Try POPin, and let your team keep you ahead of the market.