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How POPin Works for Alignment

When you use POPin for meetings, organizational improvement, surveys, and in customized settings, your teams and departments will be aligned.

POPin for Meetings

Set a meeting and let POPin energize your meeting conversations. Enter your meeting date and POPin does the rest.

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POPin for Improvement

Find out how to improve your organization and source new solutions with POPin for Improvement.

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POPin for Surveys

Leverage POPin’s safe conversational survey instead of a traditional one-directional one.

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Easy Session Management

POPin contains a management ribbon at the top of your screen that allows you to completely control your POPin sessions. You can stop and resume the session, share the link, add people to the POPin, edit the question and settings, and even run the POPin again to the same group of people.

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POPin contains a single, visually interesting dashboard experience for POPin leaders and participants, with a new advanced search capability. Now your data is in the same place, making it easier for you to consume actionable information obtained from your sessions.

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POPin reports are robust and can be viewed in the app, downloaded as a CSV, or downloaded for print. Once your POPin is over, you’ll see a summary of your session, metrics, top responses, all responses, and the metrics behind your participants’ activities, all while preserving the anonymity of your teams.

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POPin for Surveys is a brand-new feature. These conversational surveys are different than one-way communication, and they allow you to ask concurrent questions to your teams in different question types and styles.

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