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POPin Blog

Productivity Solutions: There’s an App for That

The productivity of your employees has a huge impact on your business. Doing things efficiently and effectively can directly impact your success. So if you’re struggling with productivity, we know it can be hard on your business. And in this age of technology, we have some of the best productivity solutions for you: apps. We are going to take you through some of the best apps that will increase your productivity and help your business succeed. We’re going to take you through some of the best apps that will increase your productivity and help your business succeed.
  1. StaffConnect
StaffConnect allows your employees to easily communicate with each other through a mobile platform. People can share updates, memos, pictures, videos, and even comment on other people’s posts! This app allows for employee engagement and almost instantaneous communication. According to the McKinsey Institute, productivity improves up to 25% when the employees are well connected. This app allows you to communicate with any of your employees, individually or by groups, with instructions or updates on tasks and projects. There is also a feature where employees can ask questions and you can respond instantly along with an area for employee ideas and feedback. All of these features allow for efficient communication, which is why this app is one of the best productivity solutions you can find.
  1. MangoApps
This platform is similar to StaffConnect. It allows employees to communicate easily with each other. This app can be used on most devices including smartphones and computers. MangoApps allows to you to view schedules, manuals, projects, goals, and important files. It also has a messaging feature. Goals, projects, and opportunities are ranked based on deadline or importance. With a focus on collaboration, discussion, and management, this app provides ample opportunity for increasing your productivity. It offers a diverse range of uses, making it a great platform for all types of businesses.
  1. Boomerang
While StaffConnect and MangoApps offer many general uses, Boomerang is specific to e-mail. The average worker spends 28% of their work week just reading and responding to e-mails. And an overload of e-mail can increase workers’ stress levels and decrease productivity. That’s where Boomerang comes in. This app is excellent for managing your e-mails so you don’t waste time stressing. With Boomerang, you can:
  • Schedule reminders
  • Schedule e-mails to send at certain times
  • Set reminders to send another e-mail if you don’t receive a response
  • Get rid of e-mails you don’t need to look at right away
Boomerang allows you to spend less time sending and reading e-mails, and more time actually working.
  1. Headspace
This app is a little different than the others we have mentioned, as Headspace isn’t technically work-related. Headspace is a mindfulness and meditation app that takes you through quick guided meditations. Meditation has been shown to decrease stress levels as well as increase workplace productivity. Having your employees download this mobile app and use it regularly could put them in a better mind space. This leads to efficient, productive, and better workers. Productivity Solutions: Bottom Line Of the thousands of apps out there, these are a few that can improve your business’ productivity. These apps all share a similar focus on communication, organization, and decreasing stress. If these apps can help you improve those things, it’s likely that productivity will increase. If you have any other questions or want more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. From productivity to employee engagement to anything in between, we can definitely help you.