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Sales Kickoff Redo

An annual sales meeting is the launching pad for the success of the year’s sales performance. It’s a one-time opportunity to recognize past performance and inspire achievement for the next twelve months. Done right, and with PoPin’s help, the annual sales kick-off can be a powerful catalyst for communicating the need for change and engaging the team to meet a common goal. Here are a few suggestions to consider as you plan out your 2015 agenda. Pre-question the participants. Ask them about problems and needs – about strengths and frustrations – about themselves and their goals. A CEO welcome. A short and sweet welcome from the CEO at the first formal gathering – 10-15 minutes and offer a personal thanks for the group’s hard work. AND ISSUE THREE CHALLENGES. (Why three? We’re just partial to threes!) Motivate. It’s important to get the sales organization fired up going into the New Year. The meeting is an opportunity to build and reinforce the corporate culture you’re trying to create. It’s a great time to set stretch goals, and highlight big rewards that are available. Recognize. Thank everyone. Thank (and applaud) the people that made it happen. Your team needs to feel appreciated and valued. Consider a spotlight on two or three people and encourage them to share their success strategies. With the entire sales team gathered, it’s also the perfect time to make a point of recognizing top producers. This public acknowledgement of their success satisfies best performers’ need to be seen as achievers and it really does establish these folks as role models for everyone. Train. The sales kick-off is a time to introduce new products or features to existing product lines. This is also the opportunity to ensure your teams are selling the “right” way. Currently, this might be an existing or new methodology, a best practice sales process, consultative selling skills or another area of skill development to ensure reps are selling in what you consider to be the “right” way. Communicate. Plan your future together. The next 12 months has to be the primary focus of the meeting. But to really get everyone on board, make sure your salespeople are part of the plan. Don’t just give them the game plan. Let the salespeople help make it. If you want salespeople to take ownership of sales goals, it’s only possible when they participate in the goal setting process. Goal everything. Let each team member agree to his or her goals and create a personal action plan to achieve them. Create daily, weekly, and monthly numbers. Not just ending numbers, but what it takes to get to the end. How many leads it takes to make one appointment, how many appointments it takes to make a sale. The goal should not just be an end number. There should be a goal for leads and appointments as well. As your meeting wraps up, this is where we think “The CEO issues A Final Challenge.” A few minutes of a prepared inspirational message that will keep the team talking (and achieving) for the next 12 months.