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The Secret to Millennials and Professional Growth Every Manager Needs to Know

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you don’t “get” Millennials and how they operate in the workplace. And since they now make up a staggering majority of the workforce it’s important to understand who you’re working with and how you can help them. Ready to learn something that will shift the way you view professional growth and younger workers? Get ready, here it comes! The Secret of Millennials and Professional Growth Your job isn’t only to manage Millennials — it’s to learn from them. We know that could seem backward but stick with us. There’s a lot that our younger members of the workforce have to offer, and it’s pertinent that we listen. Here are a few examples of things young workers can teach us about professional growth. Options Matter Millennials know how competitive the workforce can be, and they’ve adapted. See, Millennials are inheriting quite a bit from our generation, both good and bad. On one hand, they’re graduating with an alarming amount of student debt. But on the other, they’ve given birth to what’s known as the gig economy. This micro-market is filled with smaller, faster jobs. Think about Uber. A decade ago if you told someone you could make thousands of dollars from driving strangers around, they’d give you a funny look. But now it’s a reputable career! These gigs are everywhere. And while they may not pay the most, Millennials understand that they can job hop to make a living. If they don’t like their job, plenty of Millennials have no problem finding a better fit. A Little Feedback Goes a Long Way Think back to when you were just starting out. Chances are you were nervous and had no clue what you were doing. Younger workers are remarkably similar, except they’re more likely to admit it. So, if you really want to boost professional growth, make sure to offer regular feedback. Millennials are looking for a coach, not a boss. Offer a little feedback and motivation every now and then. They’re willing to learn and grow, but they need the feedback that comes with it. Want to Keep Younger Workers? Stop Treating Them Differently This is perhaps the biggest piece of the puzzle. There’s a lot of mystery around these young workers, not all of it good. As a manager, you can facilitate growth by relying on your own people skills. Take off the kid gloves and understand that if you want professional growth, you’re going to have to treat them like any other employee. Aside from technological advances in the workplace, there’s little separating you from them. Stop thinking of Millennials as some puzzle box to solve, and understand that they’re like you. Grow Your Business As a manager, you’re going to come into contact with an increasing number of Millennials. Remember these tips and you’ll have a happier, fuller workforce. And don’t forget that the right tools matter. POPin helps you measure employee progress in real time. So try it now and get the results that really matter!