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The Secret to Motivating Millennials

Motivating Millennials is a struggle for every business owner. And it’s an important one: unmotivated employees cost the US economy $300 billion every year. Still, the youngest generation can seem hardest to motivate. Most likely, the generation gap plays a huge role. We’re learning that what motivates us might not be what motivates our youthful counterparts. That doesn’t mean Millennials can’t be motivated. The truth is, motivation is possible for anybody. If you’re interested in keeping your younger employees motivated and your company profitable, then you need to follow these tips. Do it the right way, and we can guarantee that you’ll make more money per employee than ever before. Feedback Is Essential For Motivating Millennials This tip just goes to show you that the negative stereotypes about youth are false. In this case, we like to prevent Millennial employees from becoming narcissistic and afraid of critique. In fact, feedback is an essential part of motivating Millennials in the workplace. A lot of people think that by “feedback,” young people mean validation. This is false. In fact, Forbes says most Millennials want “accurate” feedback. Providing a good environment for feedback can actually be essential for all employees. We’ve determined that townhall style feedback is one of the best ways to improve employee retention. Motivated employees are more productive, but they’re also more likely to stay at your job. This can help you avoid the high price of training new talent to fill the spots of qualified people. So be open with your employees. If something goes wrong, tell them. And if they’re doing a good job, you should congratulate them. Be open and honest, and you’ll find that Millennials and older employees alike feel more motivated. Make Your Company’s Vision Clear One of the things that Millennials like is working for a company with a clear vision. Nobody wants to feel like an office drone and the younger generation genuinely enjoys feeling like it has some sense of meaning. This should be good news. Because as much as we all like earning money, businesses that were started with no other purpose generally don’t last very long. Make your company’s mission clear. Make sure your employees know why they work for you. When it comes time to renew their contracts, they’ll be far more likely to want to stay on your team. Work To Solve Your Company’s Challenges Solving challenges motivates Millennials and corporate higher-ups alike. Our company is devoted to crowdsourcing solutions to the toughest problems facing companies today. We do this by combining surveys and crowdsourcing to make every problem easier for you and your team. By shifting your focus to all of the essential issues you have to deal with, we make it easy for your employees to get back to you in an open and honest fashion. We also make it easy to keep up to date on how well things are going for your company. So if you want to solve your top problems, sign up today.