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POPin Blog

Selfie Sensei To The Rescue

If you’re anything like us, you’re starting the year off with a clean slate. Maybe you’re cleaning out your closet. Maybe you’re cleaning out the fridge by bidding a sad goodbye to everything but the kale and mineral water.   Have you started that new workout yet? A new haircut maybe? Well, if so, then perhaps it’s time to capture your 2016 rebirth in a selfie. Hey, Kim K. can’t have all the fun (fyi, she takes about 1,200 selfies a day. A DAY.). Granted, those 1,200 selfies come courtesy of a team of professionals (make-up, hair, creative directors, etc). Sadly, we don’t have the luxury of such a posse of pros. But, we do have the Video Selfie Sensei. And people, he’s good. So, get your smartphones ready and read on for some of the best video selfie tips this side of Kanye West.
  1. Before you shoot – check your surroundings. Don’t take your video selfie in inappropriate (i.e., the office bathroom) or dangerous (in the car).
  2. Pick a side. Find your light and your best angles.
  3. When picking a side, sometimes one side of your face will photograph better than the other. Experiment with both sides.
  4. Be sure you’re not in the dark (we mean this literally)! Keep shifting until you find the light.
  5. When finding your light, turn either directly into the sun or away from it completely. Snap a selfie at sunrise or sunset for the most flattering light. When finding your light, turn either directly into the sun, or away from it completely. Snap a selfie at sunrise or sunset for the most flattering light.
  6. As you’re getting ready to film, angle the camera from above to slim down your features and banish shadows. Tilt your head with your phone. It’s important to make sure you don’t lose your neck in selfies, so extend and tilt your head. This will make the shot look long and elegant.
  7. Try to keep your eyes in the same position when you change expression.
  8. Don’t move around. Yes, this sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised by the number of videos we see of people walking around the office. Aside from lighting changes and choppy movements, it’s just really distracting.
  9. When you’ve finished recording your selfie, be sure to quickly hit the ‘record’ button twice so that the video doesn’t end quite so abruptly.