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Shake It Up, Shake It Off – Leaving Mediocrity Behind

Mediocrity. Apathy. Indifference. It’s become a sad trend hasn’t it? Being ok with being ok. Avoiding risks, taking the easy way out, giving up and settling for mediocre results. Good enough is fine. Average is acceptable and going the extra mile sounds exhausting. Don’t get us wrong. We recognize the ups and downs of life and we agree that beige can be beautiful. But we wrestle with the knowledge that mediocrity has become the default state of our society. It’s not a choice made in one fell swoop, but a daily acceptance that just seeps into our lives. It’s convenient, safe, comfortable and sadly, the path of least resistance. If you’re a business leader, you’ll spot these folks in a heartbeat. And as a business leader, you can play a significant role in helping change that mindset. Here are some ideas on how you can encourage your teams to shake it up, shake it off and leave mediocrity behind.
  1. Encourage Decisiveness

Mediocrity goes hand in hand with inactivity and indifference. So you need to give your teams opportunities to make the call. Give them the freedom to ask the right questions to encourage fast action. Let them know that questions beginning with “what” and “how” encourage a proactive focus. Encourage them to understand the objectives, gather the facts and analyze the situation.

  1. Encourage Visionaries

Visionary ideas are the core of business growth, and leaders who encourage creative thinking at the workplace may have a better chance of leading the organization to success. Helping employees become more inventive at work can go a long way in shaking up the mediocre default.   Providing training, such as a workshop, for employees that encourages them to challenge assumptions and come up with a fresh perspective may boost critical thinking and inspire fresh idea generation. Focus on teamwork with collaborative projects that can generate creativity and passion.

  1. Encourage Trying (and Failing)

We all make mistakes. And we’ve all read enough business articles and books to know that the process is the best way to learn and grow. Mistakes are the pathway to great ideas and innovation. Look at it this way…mistake are simply the process of eliminating things that won’t work so that you can get closer to the ways that will.

  1. Encourage Risk Taking (from The LifeHack)

“Maybe you are not trying to meet other people’s expectation. Maybe you just don’t want to take risks and therefore you choose to play safe. But this is exactly what many old people regret. When they were asked in a study about what they regretted most and what they would do differently, most of them answered: “I wish I had risked more.” Don’t let the same regret happen to you.”